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Renting out your property

Would you like to rent out your property in or near Torrevieja by Orange Holiday Housing? Excellent choice!

Orange Holiday Housing stands for service and hospitality. You choose the services you desire. We have three standard packages. If you desire services which are not listed in the standard packages or if you require occasional support, please feel free to contact us. We are very flexible and (almost) anything is possible.

Depending on your choice we can arrange the whole booking process including contact with the guests before, during and after their stay. You will have full control without having to do anything. Do you only want guests in your home whom you select or would you like us to rent out the house as often as possible? No problem. Obviously you have access to your own property whenever you want to. An email, text or phone call is adequate. In addition, you determine the rental price and the terms. Naturally we will advise you in this matter.

When we arrange the cleaning you can be assured that the home will be spotless. Cleaning is something we value a lot, this of course includes the washing of towels and bed linen, and making the beds.

At each check-in we take the time to explain how your home works. It is pleasant for the tenants and it prevents misuse of the property or equipment. We also provide information about the surrounding areas and there is an extensive information pack in 4 languages. Preferably we check-out your guests personally. When it is difficult to do so, we perform a thorough inspection of the room as soon as possible after the guests have left after which we inform you about our findings and advise you about the refund of the deposit. When your guests would like a shuttle service to or from the airport, we can provide this as well.
For Alicante we charge €50,- each way and for Murcia-San Javier €40,-. When your guests want to rent a car, bike or boat, we are also happy to be of service. We are available 7 days a week for questions and emergencies, both for you and your guests.

As a home owner you will have one contact person within Orange Holiday Housing throughout the whole year.

Would you like to know more? You can reach us by mail, telephone, WhatsApp and of course face-to-face in The Netherlands or Spain!

Orange Rentals

15% of the rental price
  • The entire booking process and contact with your guests before, during and after their stay
  • Listing your property on and on the Facebook page of Orange Holiday Housing (if desired)
  • Listing your property on rental sites such as AirBnB,, Micazú, etc. at cost-price (if desired)
  • Collect rental fees
  • Collect, manage and refunding the deposit

Orange keyholding

Customized price for your property
  • Check-in of guests delivered by you including explanation about your home and the environment
  • Available for your guests during their stay
  • An information package (put together by us but approved and,when desired, provided with extra information by you)
  • Check-out, including inspection of the property
  • Final cleaning and washing of linens and towels 
  • Monthly inspection of your property with vacancy
  • Emptying your mail box and sending the content to you by email.

Secure Orange

€17,50 per hour (no cure no pay)
  • Coordinating and monitoring (unexpected) maintenance of your property
  • We provide solutions for anything you desire
  • On top of this rate you pay the invoices from third parties (materials and mechanics). Repairs will only take place with your permission.

Prijzen exclusief BTW.

Would you like to know more?

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